Since we created Hot Air Baboon Productions, we have been briging the best entertainment to London and Edinburgh. Scroll down to learn more about our monthly comedy cabaret night Tit for Tat.

Check out the shows we are bringing to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018:
Agenda Benders: Witty Gritty Bitty Fitty Committee
I Can’t Do This

For a full listing of all the shows we run, check out our show list here:


Rosemary Branch, 2 Shepperton Road, London N1 3DT
Monthly on the second Thursday

I run a monthly comedy and cabaret night at the Rosemary Branch.

Tit for Tat is a night of fabulousness, hilarity and wonder aplenty,  a razzmatazz of comedy and cabaret. A place where you will laugh so hard the jiggle of our collective winter fat will cause a seismic tremor that will destroy the inner city. A comedy extravaganza compered by the inexplicably unsuccessful Dan Wye and Isa Bonachera.

Your grandchildren will ask where you were during Tit for Tat so this is a night not to miss!



Rosemary Branch, 2 Shepperton Road, London N1 3DT
One week in May

Every year Hot Air Baboon Productions scoures every crevice of the entertainment world and collects the most exciting, hilarious and diverse acts going to Edinburgh Fringe festival 2018. We present to you a week of Edinburgh previews like no other, crammed with talent, pizzazz and the mission to blow your socks off. We have drag kings/queens, stand up, cabaret, musical comedy, sketch and more, basically an orgy of all things that will make your life better…how could you say no?

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