Isa Bonachera


Isa is a comedian, writer and cartoonist. She performs regularly in the London circuit and around the UK.
Isa started doing comedy during my time at the University of Cambridge. She was a cartoonist for the satirical magazine The Porter’s Log, and She was involved in several comedies, stand-up shows and sketch shows at the ADC Theatre, the Corpus Playroom and the Pembroke New Cellars at the University of Cambridge.
Since Isa moved to London, she became a member of the Soho Theatre Young Company, one half of the sketch group Agenda Benders, and a founding member of the production project Hot Air Baboon.
Isa debuted at the Edinburgh fringe last year with her solo show “Wow” at Underbelly, this solo show was transferred to Soho Theatre in November 2017 as part of the Soho Rising Festival.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 will be very busy for Isa! Learn more about it here.




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