About us

Hot Air Baboon is a new production project that will promote the best talent in London. The project was created by four performers: Kae Alexander, Lewis Goody, Dan Wye and Isa Bonachera. This is our philosophy:

  • We like diversity. We want to promote artists that are not well represented in the comedy scene. We will always have female, BAME and LGBT performers on our bill.
  • We pay our acts. They work hard, so they deserve to be compensated. Part of our proceeds will be used to pay our acts; the rest will be used to produce new shows.
  • We fight ageism. We want great performers, no matter their age.
  • We like variety. Most comedy nights are over-saturated with stand-up, and the few variety acts feel out of place, but comedy can be so much more. We want to book performers that do stand-up, sketch comedy, character comedy, clowning, drag, improv, etc.
  • We promote our events. Most comedy nights are too frequent, or they are not properly promoted, so comedians perform in empty rooms or in front of other comedians. We want a big nice audience in every show, so we will promote our events non-stop.
  • We want artists to progress. If a performer does a great at one of our nights, Hot Air Baboon will support this performers in whatever capacity we can.
  • We want to be your friend. We want a strong and long-lasting relationship with our venues, and we are there if they need us.

This is who we are:

Isa Bonachera
Lewis Goody
Daniel Wye

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